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LA - No chance this year...but

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1LA - No chance this year...but Empty LA - No chance this year...but on Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:45 am


That sound you hear are NHL execs from other teams waking up screaming in the middle of the night. O'Sullivan (assuming he signs the long rumoured package), Kopitar, Brown, Frolov, Stoll, Purcell, Boyle and even Calder and Handzus can all play the game well. Calder seems like the odd man out for sure, but if he can elevate his game back to the 60 point range, this team could be very, very dangerous offensively.

I bet the Kings wish they could package Handzus and Calder right now for any kind of a draft pick, because Teddy Purcell should by rights be the second line center - if not this year, then by next year.

But, for not the Kings still have these two guys - and they'll be asked to support the electric O'Sullivan, Kopitar, Frolov and Brown. The Kings are on their way offensively, but can the defense hold up?

No. Jack Johnson will have to play massive minutes in LA, a trial by fire for the young man. Tom Preissing should be a 5th guy, but in LA, he'll likely get 1st pairing minutes. After that you have...Matt Greene, who's nasty and will play a nice role on this team. Then you have the trifecta of power: Doughty, Hickey and Teubert will be one of the most feared defenses in the a couple of years that is.

LaBarbera will start in nets for the Kings this year, but his reign will be fairly short. He will be backed up by Ersberg, who had a good showing last year in 14 games with the big club. Both will be forcefully removed by Bernier. The question is when.

Team Grade - in two parts.
1.Team Grade this year: D
2.Team Grade for the future: A+
Prediction: 15th in the West.

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